Three Reasons to Feed Summer Fruit to Your Dog

July 03 2019 – Amanda Monsma

Three Reasons to Feed Summer Fruit to Your Dog
Three Reasons to Feed Summer Fruit to Your Dog

As I write this, I look out the window to see a gloomy, rainy day.  Summer has arrived, though all this rain is putting a damper on our summer vibes.  One thing that can take away the gloomy day blues: fresh summer fruit. Now is the time to load up on berries (blueberries are my personal favourite), stone fruit, and watermelon!  

We all know the benefits of fruit to our balanced diet, but did you know fruit is a great addition to a dog’s raw diet?  Not only is fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals to help your dogs live long and healthy lives, but they carry some extra benefits during the summer months that you may not have thought of!  

  1.  Cooling Properties - Once the sun and warmth decide to show up, your pup is going to look for ways to cool off from the summer heat.  Fruits like watermelon, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are cooling foods that can help bring down your pup’s internal temperature.  
  2. Water - A common concern we hear from people who switch from a kibble diet to a raw diet is that their dogs aren’t drinking as much water as they did before they made the switch.  This is a normal part of the raw diet transition because there is a higher water content in raw food than in kibble. Adding some fruit to their raw food can help ensure your pup stays hydrated in the summer months.  
  3. Healthier Treat Alternative - Pet treats can be high in calories and your pup may not be moving as much in the heat to burn off those extra calories.  Fruits are a great alternative to the costly pet treats and in a lot of cases much healthier! 

A couple things to remember while feeding fruits: 

  • Remove pits, seeds, rinds, and/or stems before feeding to your dog. 
  • Fruits are high in sugar, so a little goes a long way.  Fruits and vegetables should account for 5-10% of your dog’s daily intake.  Consult your holistic vet before feeding fruit to a diabetic dog.
  • Fruit must be fed ripe and in limited quantities or it may cause diarrhea. 

What fruits are best to feed? 








So next time you’re at the local Farmers Market, make sure to pick up some tasty fruity treats for your pup!  Let us know below in the comments what your pups favourite fruit is!

PS.  Speaking of markets - did you know that Grand Dog is at the 124 Grand Market in Edmonton this summer?  Click here to find out when we are at the Market next!




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