Animal Biome

We have endless conversations with people who are frustrated.  Their dog seems to be allergic to everything.  Or their pups loose stool/diarrhea never seems to go away. Constantly dealing with itching and skin issues. 

These are all signs of a gut imbalance.  Without addressing the imbalance of the gut environment, these symptoms may continue no matter how you try to tackle them.

An imbalanced gut is one that has not enough good bacteria, too much bad bacteria, and/or there is not enough diversity of the good bacteria.  Factors like disease, age, diet, stress, and medications—especially antibiotics—can cause an imbalance in your dog’s gut.

The Doggy Biome Gut Health Test takes the guess work out and provides a comprehensive look at your pups gut environment.  This allows you to make an educated decision on how to tackle your pups persistent issues.

Restoring balance in the gut environment can help ease or eliminate these symptoms while also strengthening immune function in your dog.  

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