About Us

We sell and distribute frozen raw dog food, made with love and care in central Alberta. We have fed our own purebred German Shepherd this food since she was weaned and she is a happy, healthy pooch with a glorious coat. There are multiple varieties of food available in one or two pound tubes, with or without veggies mixed in.

Greg is the Top Dog at Grand Dog Essentials and he loves dogs, especially ours. In fact, some days I think he loves that dog more than his humans. He will talk about raw dog food to anyone who will listen and has influenced so many of our family and friends to feed raw, we figured we might as well go into the business.

We are a family owned and operated business and Kanti is our resident taste tester for raw food.  Family is important to us, the dog is part of the family, and just like you we want the best for our dog which is why we feed raw.

Some people think feeding raw will be horribly expensive. Well, if you buy the precious little packages at the store it will be expensive. Our food is sold frozen in 42 pound boxes filled with one or two pound tubes similar to hamburger tubes you'd buy at the grocery store.  The tubes are packed frozen into the box.  We sell by the box which means your minimum buy is a 42 pound box of frozen food.  Buying in larger quantity allows you to feed your dog raw food at comparable cost to a quality kibble. We will leave the math to you.  

Besides the economics, there are other benefits.  We deliver to you.  No more wrestling a huge bag of food into the cart, into the car, and into the house.  And, our pooch has gas so seldom that if a fart escapes her, she is surprised and gets up to investigate!

Check out our FAQ page for delivery info, minimum order requirements, and tips on feeding raw.