Doggy Moggy Single Protein Sample Pack 10 lb Box


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      Box contains one protein option only. 

      Select your choice of our Doggy Moggy beef, chicken, turkey, pork, or bison.  The sample pack contains 10 lb/4.53 kg of Doggy Moggy frozen raw food.  Sample only available in 1 lb tubes.  

      Sample pack is also a great option for smaller dogs or to introduce variety into your dogs diet.

      Chicken Ingredients: 80% chicken meat & trimmings; 10% chicken organs, 10% ground bone ORGANS: All chicken organs

      Beef Ingredients: 70% beef/bison meat & trimmings; 10% beef/bison organs, 10% beef/bison ground bone, 10% tripe ORGANS: liver, heart, spleen, kidney, tongue, lung, pancreas, and sweetbread

      Turkey Ingredients:  70% whole ground turkey, 20% ground bone, 10% organs ORGANS: All turkey organs

      Bison Ingredients: 70% bison meat, 10% ground bison bone, 10% organs, 10% tripe ORGANS: All bison organs

      Pork Ingredients: 80% whole ground pork, 10% ground pork bone, 10% organs ORGANS: All pork organs

      Beef/Chicken Ingredients: 35% beef meat & trimmings, 35% chicken meat & trimmings, 10% beef and chicken organs, 10% beef and chicken bone, 10% beef tripe BEEF ORGANS: liver, heart, spleen, kidney, tongue, lung, pancreas, and sweetbread CHICKEN ORGANS: All chicken organs


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