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      Box contains one protein option only.  Select option prior to checkout.

      The 20 lb box is a great option for smaller dogs and cats or is an easier way to provide variety in your dogs diet.

      Select your choice of our Doggy Moggy beef, chicken, turkey, pork, bison, or beef/chicken blend.

      The Doggy Moggy product line is manufactured in Alberta by our trusted vendor, Dog's Choice.

      This is a natural product. Some variation in color and texture is normal.

      The box contains 20 lb/9.07 kg of Doggy Moggy frozen raw pet food.  Box only available in 1 lb tubes.  SIZE: 15"L x 12"W x 5"H

      Chicken Ingredients: 80% chicken meat & trimmings; 10% chicken organs, 10% ground bone ORGANS: All chicken organs

      Beef Ingredients: 70% beef/bison meat & trimmings; 10% beef/bison organs, 10% beef/bison ground bone, 10% tripe ORGANS: liver, heart, spleen, kidney, tongue, lung, pancreas, and sweetbread

      Turkey Ingredients:  70% whole ground turkey, 20% ground bone, 10% organs ORGANS: All turkey organs

      Bison Ingredients: 70% bison meat, 10% ground bison bone, 10% organs, 10% tripe ORGANS: All bison organs

      Pork Ingredients: 80% whole ground pork, 10% ground pork bone, 10% organs ORGANS: All pork organs

      Beef/Chicken Ingredients: 35% beef meat & trimmings, 35% chicken meat & trimmings, 10% beef and chicken organs, 10% beef and chicken bone, 10% beef tripe BEEF ORGANS: liver, heart, spleen, kidney, tongue, lung, pancreas, and sweetbread CHICKEN ORGANS: All chicken organs

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