Exploring Doggy Biome Gut Health Test: Archie's Test Results

September 27 2023 – Amanda Monsma

Exploring Doggy Biome Gut Health Test: Archie's Test Results
Exploring Doggy Biome Gut Health Test: Archie's Test Results


In the blog before this one, I shared my raw fed senior dog's gut health test results from Doggy Biome.  We are continuing on with a two part series sharing the other two test results.

We tested two other dogs, Archie and Kaiti.  Archie is kibble fed and Kaiti is fed a raw diet, particularly our Turkey Raw Pet Food along with other supplementation to help manage her ongoing battle with skin issues and allergies.

Let's meet our next dog! 

Meet Archie!

Picture of Archie, the Bernese Mountain dog in his home.

Archie is one of our neighbour dogs and the best boy.  I have always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog in my life, so you can imagine how happy I was when he found his forever family next door.  Archie and his brother Wally can be found sitting at our fence looking into our yard, willing us to come out and say hi!

Wally and Archie sitting with a leash on ready to go for a walk!

Archie does need to be reminded from time to time that he is over 100 lb and not a suitable body type for being a lap dog.  That doesn't stop him from trying to snuggle hard with you! 🥰😊

Age: 1 year and 7 months (as of May 2023)

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Diet: Kibble + scraps from the little humans in his life

Here is Archie's Doggy Biome report card: 

Archies Report Card from Doggy Biome shows that he is missing common bacteria

A list of the common bacteria that is missing in Archies gut microbiome

The Story of Missing Bacteria

The missing bacteria report provides insight into the bacteria missing and the roles they play in your pups microbiome.  

Here is the list of bacteria missing in Archie's microbiome along with the important jobs they perform and recommendations on how to replenish them.  


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