Adored Beast Hemp Oil - Fish Free Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats

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"The hemp oil has been an amazing addition to our dog's diet. The difference it has made in his arthritic pain has been remarkable.”
–Karen A, Raw Hemp Oil customer

A fish free option for Omega 3.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed, 100% Canadian Hemp Seed Oil

Size: 250 ml

100% pure cold-pressed hemp oil. Our Raw Hemp Oil for dogs is non GMO, herbicide and pesticide free and Canadian grown.

Raw hemp seed is a highly beneficial source of essential fatty acids as it offers the correct balance of Omega 3 and 6. It offers the perfect ratio of EFAs, contains Vitamins D, E, A and cholesterol-fighting phytosterols. It is also one of nature’s richest sources of magnesium, and the creation of hemp oil does not threaten our oceans and is environmentally stable!

If you are feeding a diet comprised solely of chicken (remember: variety of proteins is essential for a dog's diet!) then hemp oil is not the best choice for an oil.

Raw Hemp Oil Can Help Target:

  • General Inflammation In The Body
  • Arthritis
  • Promotion Of Healthy Skin
  • Brain Health
  • Poor Skin Health (help reduce shedding)
  • Helps Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Enhances The Immune System
  • Helps To Balance Diets In Dogs Who Cannot
  • Eat Poultry
  • Enhances Fertility
  • Supports Healthy Organ Function

*If any of these symptoms are emergencies or life threatening, please see your trusted veterinarian.

Once opened, store your Heightened Hemp in the fridge.

Add to food once (1) per day or split daily dose between meals. Give according to your pet's weight dosage.

1 – 5 LBS
1/4 TSP
6 – 15 LBS
1/2 TSP
16 – 39 LBS
40 - 59 LBS
1 1/4 TSP
60 - 89 LBS 1 3/4 TSP
90+ 2 - 3 TSP

Adored Beast Hemp Oil -...

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