CK9 Ultimate Duck (Includes Tripe) 40 lb Box

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Produced in a human grade, HAACP certified facility in Alberta.

The Ultimate Duck serves your pets a balanced foundation of meat, bone, and organs.  

This blend focuses on the foundation so you can focus on your dog's specific needs. You can add what suits your dog: fruits, vegetables, Omega 3, eggs. Time to be creative and have fun with your pets food!

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This blend is a protein rich meal, ideal for all cats and dogs.  Being a novel protein, duck is a great option for those with food intolerances or allergies.  


  • 40 lb / 18.14 kg box of 1 lb tubes
  • Duck is considered a cooling protein which can be beneficial for dogs with allergies by helping to lower inflammation in the body.
  • Includes tripe which is a great source of nutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus for strong bone and muscle health.
  • Tripe can be fed to dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.  Reactions to tripe are usually zero to low compared to reactions to beef meat.

Product Ingredients:

75% Duck & Bone, 10% Tripe, 5% Heart, 5% Spleen/Kidney, 5% Liver

*All organs are regulated and inspected. Organs may include a variety of protein sources including duck, beef, pork or horse. Confirmed by Complete K-9 March 2024.

This is a natural product. Some variation in color, smell, and texture between batches is normal.