4LR BUNDLE: Senior Support

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      Support your senior's mobility and cognitive function with our Senior Support Four Leaf Rover bundle!  


      1 x Hip & Joint - Natural Joint Support (Formerly called Green Eggs)67.5 g

      1 x Four Leaf Rover Lions Mane Mushroom Extract 17.55 g

      Hip & Joint: A blend of natural anti-inflammatories backed by science.  It was developed with the aging dog in mind to promote long-term health by supporting joint mobility, healthy skin, and more. This is great news for dogs with arthritis ... it's a natural way to improve pain and mobility without the unwanted side effects of prescription anti-inflammatories.

      Hip & Joint has just four powerful ingredients: 

      1. GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL: Rich in fatty acids that are essential to everyday health and healthy joints.

      2. NEM® EGGSHELL MEMBRANE: Research shows NEM® can help reduce occasional stiffness and maintain cartilage and connective tissue.

      3. PORIA COCOS: High in beta-glucans, Poria mushrooms are used for edema in paws, ears, and promote healthy skin.

      4. CURCUMIN: Curcumin helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and supports joint flexibility.

      LIONS MANE: Another addition to the powerful lineup of mushroom products that Four Leaf Rover offers, Lion's Mane Organic Mushroom Extract is a gut-friendly source of beta-glucans with a long list of benefits for senior dogs, dogs with anxiety, overweight dogs, and more.

      Lions Mane helps support cognitive function for senior dogs or those at risk of cognitive decline. Lion's Mane contains a healthy serving of hericenones and erinacines that benefit your pet's brain function.

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