Digest - Natural Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics


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      A veterinary formulated blend of natural digestive enzymes, pancreas, probiotics and detoxifying minerals.

      Digest is a natural supply of digestive enzymes and pancreas to support pancreas function. Organic broccoli sprout powder supports the liver and soil base probiotics help maintain a normal gut flora.

      Why use Digest?

      - To help with a transition to a raw diet

      - Provide support to older dogs who aren't producing as many enzymes

      - Provide support to dogs who are fed cooked food or kibble on occasion or full time

      - Help ease symptoms of chronic pancreatitis 

      - Help restore gut function in dogs with: allergies, leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBD), and food intolerances

      30 Day Medium Dog Supply

      Supplements are final sale. 


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