Adored Beast Love Bugs - Pre & Probiotics for Dogs 80g


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      What Is Love Bugs?  

      This product is a 14-strain allergen-free pre and probiotic blend. It contains 30 billion colony forming units (CFUs) and the celebrated prebiotic Larch Arabinogalactan.

      Probiotics, or “friendly” bacteria, are the gut’s defense system against “bad” or dangerous disease-causing bacteria. Prebiotics serve as a fertilizer so the gut can grow a bountiful amount of this friendly bacteria leading to wonderful health benefits such as combating yeast, helping with seasonal allergies and IBD, and helping to prevent tooth decay! Contains 14 strain probiotic with 30 billion allergen-free CFU.

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      Love Bug can help dogs with: 

      Digestive issues (IBD, gas, bloating)
      Loose stool or inconsistent stools

      *If any of these symptoms are emergencies or life-threatening, please ask your customer to see their trusted veterinarian.


      Larch Arabinogalactan: Is a prebiotic that feeds probiotics, helping to keep them healthy and viable, reducing incidents of chronic infection with the added
      benefits of having anti-cancer and immune-modulating properties.

      Multi-Strain Probiotic Blend: 1 billion lactose and allergen-free colony forming units of our cherry picked multi strain probiotic blend provides beneficial bacteria to establish healthy colonies and keep bad bacteria at bay.

      Only the best ingredients, sourced from the cleanest, most earth-friendly sources, go into each and every product  Adored Beast provides. They are meticulous about what they use for animals, and only ever choose ingredients that they would happily use for ourselves (and often do). That means products must meet the highest quality standards and must be tested for purity and cleanliness. Adored Beast uses organic whenever possible, and support local businesses as much as we can.  

      Did You Know? 

      Pre and probiotics are excellent at helping to  prevent tooth decay and protect oral health. 

      The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Love Bugs supports the skin’s defence  system inn the same way that is supports  the digestive tract… by maintaining a healthy  bacterial balance. 

      Love Bugs Dental Paste: 
      An easy an effective DIY recipe 

      Mix together 1tsp of coconut oil and 1/16 tsp of Love Bugs

      Use the recipe above to accommodate your animal’s needs, up to a tablespoon.

      Directions for Use: 

      Add to food once per day according to your  dog’s weight.   Love Bugs is freeze-dried, so while refrigeration is not necessary, we believe it will help to maintain optimal freshness once the container is opened.



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