Diesel's Story: Healing Papilloma Virus with Four Leaf Rover Natural Dog Supplements

Posted on September 06 2022

Diesel's Story: Healing Papilloma Virus with Four Leaf Rover Natural Dog Supplements



In July of 2020, Diesel's mom reached out to me looking for some help.  Her dog was recently diagnosed with papilloma virus and was looking for natural dog supplement options that might speed up her dog's healing alongside the vet recommendations.  

What is canine oral papillomas?

"Papillomas are benign, sometimes multiple, tumors caused by viruses. They are commonly known as warts. The tumors often disappear spontaneously because the animal slowly develops immunity to them. Some papillomas may need to be removed surgically because they have become inflamed, infected, or they fail to regress over time.

Papillomas are uncommon in cats but common in dogs."

SOURCE: VCA Animal Hospital

Dogs who have a weakened immune system are most susceptible to the virus.  Over time they do disappear, those that persist require surgery removal.  Most cases clear up within 1-5 months.  

Diesels mom found that instead of getting better, they were multiplying, even with the medication they were given.  That is when she reached out to me asking if there were supplements I would recommend to support Diesel's healing process.

Suggested Protocol

Boosting Diesel's immunity was top priority in fighting off the virus.  There were a number of vet-approved Four Leaf Rover natural dog supplements that I recommended. 

The first suggestion was to give double doses per day of Safe Sea Green Lipped Mussel OilOnce symptoms died down, she could reduce the amount of doses to once a day.  

Omega 3 is an important aspect of a dog's diet, healthy or otherwise, as it helps promote a proper immune system response and balance the inflammation in a dog's body.  Chronic inflammation can lead to diseases like autoimmune conditions, diabetes, obesity, or arthritis. 

I also recommended to include Immunity Mushroom Mix and Protect Probiotics in their daily routine.  Just like Omega 3, probiotics are another key player in building and maintaining a strong immune system.  Probiotics are the good bacteria in your dog's gut.

Here are a number of the ways Probiotics promote immune health: 

  • they help your dogs body absorb nutrients efficiently
  • build T-cells which can lower inflammation
  • discourage growth of harmful bacteria and yeast overgrowth

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Mushrooms are growing in popularity for both humans and dogs.  And for good reason.  One of the many functions of mushrooms is to prevent disease and intervene when needed as a treatment.  Mushrooms are great to use alongside Probiotics as they are considered a prebiotic.  Prebiotics feed probiotics, helping them thrive and grow in a dogs gut environment.

This potent mix of immunity building blocks were the boost he needed to move toward healing.

The Results

 A month later, Diesel's mom shared the good news with me: his papilloma's were going away!

"Here is the before and after being on the Protect, safe sea and Mushroom mix for 30 days! He had 100’s of Viral Papillomas and nothing was working! It had been over 3 months, I tried this for 30 days and there is significant changes. He finally looks like our Diesel again. We are beyond grateful for your help. I’m keeping him on all 3 for a few more months then will continue the safe sea and protect. I appreciate you so much Grand Dog!"

The pictures speak for themselves:


Diesel Before with Viral PapillomasDiesel Before with Viral PapillomasDiesel Before with Viral PapillomasDiesel Before with Viral Papillomas



Diesel After protocal with Viral PapillomasDiesel After protocal with Viral PapillomasDiesel After protocal with Viral PapillomasDiesel After protocol with Viral Papillomas

Diesel's story and pictures was shared with permission from his family.

What, if anything, surprised you about the supplements I recommended?  Have your pup(s) suffered from Viral Papillomas?  What helped your pup through their healing?

Amanda Monsma (she/her)



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