CK9 Ultimate Beef (Includes Tripe) 40 lb Box

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Produced in a human grade, HAACP certified facility in Alberta.

The Ultimate Beef is the Ultimate meal for your dog or cat!

This blend is a single sourced protein rich meal.  Containing a foundational blend of meat, bone meal, and an array of organs. 

This blend focuses on the foundation so you can focus on your dog's specific needs. You can add what suits your dog: fruits, vegetables, Omega 3, eggs. Time to be creative and have fun with your pets food!

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  • 40 lb / 18.14 kg box of 1 lb tubes
  • Includes tripe which is a great source of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus for strong bone and muscle health
  • Includes Beef Trachea (windpipes) which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.  These natural inflammatories can improve mobility and range of motion. It can help slow the aging process in your dog’s joints.
  • The bone meal is the perfect option for small or senior dogs and cats who have difficulties with bone pieces in their food.

Product Ingredients:

40% Beef (90% Lean), 15% Beef Tripe, 10% Beef Heart, 10% Bonemeal, 5% Beef Liver, 5% Beef Kidney, 5% Beef Lung, 5% Beef Windpipes, and 5% Beef Tongue.

*Please note, because there is windpipe included there may be cartilage pieces in the mix*

This is a natural product. Some variation in color, smell, and texture is normal.