Happy Days Dairy Raw Fermented Goat Milk 975ml


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      **Please put out cooler on warmer delivery days to prevent thawing.**

      Boost your dog's Doggy Moggy with fermented raw goat milk!  Loaded with probiotics to help build a strong gut and immune system.  The goats are raised and milked on family farms.

      Why raw goat milk:

      - easy to digest

      - loaded with gut friendly probiotics

      - source of calcium

      - Used to help dogs gain weight

      - Source of phosphate, potassium, & vitamins

      This is a frozen product and will need to be thawed to use. The thawed product should be used within 14 days of thawing. The milk can be refrozen to extend the product life.


      How to serve:  serve with Doggy Moggy or blend together with veggies/fruit of your choice.  If your dog is new to dairy, start slow and work your way up watching for any digestive upset.  Due to the high fat content, on days when you feed the milk, you may need to lower the amount of their Doggy Moggy to offset for the extra calories.

      Less than 20 lbs … 2 oz per day 
      20 to 50 lbs … 4 oz per day 
      50 to 80 lbs … 8 oz per day 
      80 lbs or more … 10 oz per day 

      Need some inspiration?  Check out these recipes on Instagram!

      'PUP'kin Latte

      Frozen Berry Blend

      'PUP'kin Pudding

      NOTE:  If your dog has a history of dairy intolerance, has a yeast infection, has cancer, or has a history of skin issues, this product may not be the right fit. Our PROTECT Probiotics may work better for your pup.

      Supplements are final sale. 

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